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Team Logo Face Masks, New York Mets,
The conventional wisdom when the Giants agreed to a deal with Tommy La Stella was that he would open the season platooning in an infield spot. He will, but possibly not where most would expect.Boston Red Sox

BOSTON (AP) Dustin Pedroia, the undersized and over-achieving second baseman who spurred the Boston Red Sox to a pair of World Series victories with his grit and a third, after a knee injury effectively ended his career, with his mouth, has retired.

The Orioles' loss quickly turned into the Giants' gain. Yastrzemski made his long-awaited major league debut later that season and has been running with the opportunity since. Consistent (and often times, outstanding) play in 2019 cemented Yastrzemski as an everyday outfielder, and he rapidly became one of the team's best players in the latter half of the year. He finished his first major league season with a .272/.334/.518 line over 104 games while showcasing some standout power with 22 doubles and 21 home runs. 

Goodrum will be based in Phoenix, where the Brewers have their spring training home. She’s the latest woman to move into a groundbreaking role.New York Mets
Team Logo Face Masks

"Whether it’s playing in a lineup with Miguel Cabrera or working with a really talented group of young pitchers, this was an opportunity that I was excited to take on," Ramos said in a released statement. "I’m looking forward to getting to work with my coaches and teammates soon, and winning baseball games for the fans in Detroit."

"This is a beautiful game, and I really just feel humbled and blessed that it let me jump on the ride for a little bit," Murphy told SNY. "It's beautiful. It can teach you about so many things. And all I can say is, thank you."Arizona Diamondbacks

Jesse Rodgers, Cubs beat writer for ESPN, said that the Cubs signing Arrieta is “doubtful” due to the salary not matching up with what the organization is willing to spend.Seattle Mariners

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