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Hydraulic Baler quotation
MZD/MZDS series of Baler compactor is applying for baling the plastic, waste paper, and carton, cardboard. After baling the volume will be small then it is easy to pack and transport, it has the advantage of simple structure, secure, high-efficient, safe and easy to handle.
1. PLC control, cooperate with human-computer interface and window monitor, synchronization action instruction with wrong warning.
2. Strapping automatically, improving baling speed
3. Low noise-oil hydraulic circuit design, High efficiency
4. Easy for installation and durable
Technical Parameter
Main Part DimensionL11300*W1450*H3360 mm
Feed Opening DimensionsL2300*W1000 mm
Bale Size Expanded DimensionW1100*H1250*L1600 mmW1100*H1250*L1400 mm
Bale Weight900-1000 KG600KG
Tension TypeManual
Number of Ties5wires
Operating modePLC,Touch screen,Button
Total Power46KW
Work MethodSemi automaticHydraulic Baler quotation

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