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Writing Challenge - Round 2
Hi all...apologies for my tardiness. Some personal issues saw me driving a good 800km yesterday to get home...and I was a tad tired by the time I got home.

Anyway, I was going to get someone else to choose the words this round...but again I left it too late, so I'll give someone else the honours next round. Maybe Shelz - you want to offer Round 3?

So in light of recent personal events I'm going to choose the following words:

Dark Road

In one week time I will open the results thread "Writing Challenge - Round 2: Results"

So get to it peeps!
Cool yeah!
Duff Moss, I liked this writing challenge and accepted it as well. Here I am going to share mine story relevant to Dark Road and Tiredness here.

A few days back, I was coming back from my uncle's house. I was driving my car and it was too late. I was driving the car on the dark road alone and was feeling tired as well because I played with kids all day. It was really a strange feeling for me because I was disabled to derive my car more due to tiredness but the dark road was insisting me to drive fastly and reach my destination soon as possible. Suddenly, I saw a light. A person was sitting on the roadside and turned the light on of the Mobile Phone. I got scared to see the man because I was alone and it was a midnight. When I came near the man, then I saw that he is injured and having a bleeding from his foot. There was no one on the dark road except me and I stopped my cart and picked up the old man to help him. I forgot my tiredness. I shifted that person to the hospital and came back to my house. That was such an interesting and unforgettable driving ex[erince for me but I felt happy to help that old man on the dark road while being so tired as well. I never lost the hope. Smile
Thanks for contributing Nina.

Can you post your entry in the results thread please - which I just created. Each fortnight I post the challenge, then give everyone a week to write something, then I open up a new thread (that says Challenge Round x: Results) for the results. This gives time for people to write something - some people can do it in 5 minutes while me...are a bit more hopeless and take some time :-)
Duff Moss, I am glad to participate here and I think this is really a great thing from your side to post a challenge as it gives people to write something and I will appreciate you for this. I will surely like to make my entry in the results thread too.
You got it, boss! I'll PM you some words.

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