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With the sheer mass of WOW players
Queues, PvP that is open that is catastrophic, farm areas that wow gold are crowded - because the launching of WOW Classic, many WOW players happen to be feeling the populations of their WOW Classic Realms are substantially larger than at the time in Vanilla WoW. The possible fun killer is right around the corner: phase 5 along with the launching of Ahn'Qiraj.

On the one hand, it's really great that WOW Classic servers continue to be packaged eight months following the launching in August 2019. WOW players can be found nearly around the clock, the auction house is full and there are communities for WOW players of all stripes. On the flip side, frustration has been caused by the server inhabitants because the launch. Sometimes due to long queues during the login procedure, occasionally due to PvP madness from the open world because you can forget to farm Azeroth on very well visited servers at regular times of the day due to the great competition - for instance, a number of herbalists have not or only so far quite seldom see a black lotus.

With a view to the content of WOW Classic Phases 5 and 6, the server inhabitants that are quite large have frustration potential. Most importantly, the thought of the Ahn'coming event is causing some stomach aches for many Wow Classic players. The launching evenings at the Pechschwingenhort and Zul'Gurub showed that the contemporary WoW servers can't deal with the sheer mass of WOW players. But there is also another problem: the true quest line with the gong strike, which opens the gates.

To explain: In order for the two raid instances in Ahn'Qiraj to be entered, the WOW players of a host need to master two challenges: The host community has to collect countless supplies. 14,000 rainbow fin tuna, 90,000 aluminum bars, 400,000 rune cloth dressings and much more. A raid group needed to play through a epic quest line to eventually earn the Sandstorms' Scepter. This scepter can then be used to strike the gong, and just people who master the associated quest in this way (within ten hours of the first gong strike) can now ride the black qiraji tank drone - even outside the Ahn'Qiraj instances.

Since there could only be a single opening of Ahn'Qiraj on each server to buy gold classic wow and the mount was correspondingly rare, for a certain time every new WoW kingdom opened by Blizzard caused a small transfer boom: a few WOW players wanted the brand new chance for this Be certain to use the mount. At some point, the programmers then went online to deliver new servers with AQ instances that were open, the quest series was eliminated from WOW Classic with among the extensions.

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