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It will undoubtedly be someone from Jagex
I wish to thank you. There's been more than 10,000 of you. I wish to deal with the feedback you're giving to. Firstly, a bit of context how it came about and into this poll is something. We (as an Old School team and product) want to learn more about what you believe about RS 2007 Gold, what you want, (more importantly) what you do not want, how you'd like to listen to information, then a few topical things like polling and graphic changes. We then worked with the Research and Strategy staff to construct the survey.

There's a good deal of feedback concerning the pieces of contact information we're searching for. In hindsight, I think we should be explaining why we are requesting it. We ask for a telephone number so we can talk to you directly (it will undoubtedly be someone from Jagex), and it won't ever be passed onto anybody else. Some people clearly aren't comfortable providing that, therefore that I really don't see why we shouldn't be asking for a Discord contact. I think when we are requesting a contact email the exact same could apply. There seem to be issues with the picture questions, particularly on mobile. We ought to do better to check on multiple devices. Apologies there.

Regarding the identical question, I think we ought to have explained what we had been hoping to really learn. It appears a great deal of people were expecting something as simple as"would you mind a toggle-able HD update?". Maybe we ought to ask that question too, but for us it's about identifying what you believe that should look like, in addition to helping to check if you think newer content (such as Prif) feels Old School or not. There was some discrepancy in how replies are ordered by us but about the right for others. Apologies again, that shouldn't occur.

Ultimately, we're not attempting to direct you with queries in any way at all. People are mentioning about us trying to force a new skill in - answering that you are opposed to a new ability is the perfect method to ensure that we do not spend time designing and polling stuff like Warding. Likewise the poll questions are mentioned by people as being contributing. We're asking that controversy and since in light of this current polling talks, the ideal method to determine how you feel about polling is to ask you - like we did. It's clear the surveys should be tested by us more for consistency and device-performance. We ought to explain why we're asking for important pieces of info. We ought to explain why we're asking a few of the questions we're asking. We ought to let you decide you would like to be reached later on.

Among my complaints was about the pursuit section. It appeared to say that that quests have a binary design between narratives through cutscenes and lore and there's battle. I object to these two philosophies. I need oldschool quests to get the tone and style philosophy of classic quests buy RS3 gold. None of rotting bloody elf corpses on a battlefield by way of example, that's such an dramatic departure from the quests we had on release of RuneScape game.

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