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Your website does not stand much chance of selling anything if it pays scant regard to the user.

In other words your Site Visitor's experience Broncos Justin Simmons Jersey , in terms of the following, is what will make your site sell or smell!

The following 7 guidelines are all equally important and will determine the success of your website.

1. Functionality

a) Functionality is a double-edged sword in that the site must fulfill the users' requirements only if they are your targetted users.

You cannot be everything to everybody so just make your site easy for the people you want to please ? your target market

b) Your site's design is the interpretation of its functional requirements so unless it's functional it won't win many customers and will probably go out of fashion tomorrow.

Therefore your site must function in the way the site visitor expects whilst maintaining a professional look etc.

Functionality also includes automating routine tasks eg producing online docs, taking orders Broncos Jake Butt Jersey , triggering e-mails etc using forms & scripts

2. Content

Content is King and must be meaningful, interesting & viewable in an acceptable font & color.

Your site's content must also be kept fresh and updated frequently to maintain interest in the site and repeat visitors.

The use of RSS can help deliver fresh content to your site on a daily basis.

3. Navigation

Site Navigation must give your site visitors an indication of where they can go on your website and how they can get there.

The navigation must be;

clear (must look like navigation),

consistent (the same on each page) Broncos Chad Kelly Jersey ,

predictable (style & location on the page eg lh side bar or top bar)

and must lead to obvious content (navigation bar descriptions must be accurate)

4. Load Time

If your site does not load in less than 12 seconds, the chances are that your site visitor will have given up waiting and closed the page.

A lot of viewers access the net with dial up connections so you need to ensure that your pages load within the time frame for a 56.6kbs modem.

Therefore a web page has to be designed in the 'slimmest? way possible so as to minimize load time.

Clean code also better for search engine spidering & bandwidth saving, ie the cleaner the html & css the less the load on your server.

5. Usability

Your site may look great but if it's difficult for your visitors to figure out how to buy what they are looking for it's usability is not up to scratch.

Usability refers to the ease with which your site's user interface can be used by its intended market to achieve its objectives.

Usability incorporates many factors: design Broncos Brendan Langley Jersey , functionality, structure, information architecture Broncos Carlos Henderson Jersey , and is a combination of good planning, good content and good design, putting yourself in your visitors? shoes Broncos Demarcus Walker Jersey , anticipating their needs and requirements.

6. Graphic Design

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing look for your website you will need to use graphics, pictures, images & logos as a text heavy page is certainly not easy on the eye.

Web safe colors should also be used to add to the overall effect.

Remember to bear in mind that graphics (jpeg or gif) need to be of an appropriate size and compressed so as not to compromise the page loading speed.

7. Compatibility

It is vitally important to design your site so that it is compatible for all browser and screen resolutions as you don't know what browser and resolution your site visitor will be using.

This is important because pages that look fine in IE often look totally different in Firefox and pages look great at 1024x768 can be squashed up and overlapped at 800x600

Therefore to maximize your website's potential ensure that the above guidelines have all been employed.

Laptops are advanced computers with less or absolutely no wiring. Frequent travelers and businessmen generally use laptops. Laptop cases are used to protect the laptop from frequent damage.

The laptop carrying cases are available in leather and aluminum cases. The first preference is the leather case. Good quality leather cases are very durable. The colors available in leather cases are brown Broncos Garett Bolles Jersey , dark brown and black. These colors project a professional look. Leather cases are thick and may weigh a few pounds. There are a lot of classic designs available to suit anyone's needs. Some users prefer the light varieties available. Some even use nylon cases. This is mainly due to the fact that nylon is extremely light. However, nylon is not thick enough to protect the laptop effectively, so is not a good idea for heavy traveling or frequent movement of the laptop.

Many users also use aluminum cases for their laptops. Frequent flyer businessmen most commonly use these cases. They have special compartments for many computer peripherals such as USB and pen drives and adapters. Many mobile workers have safety as their priority Broncos Courtland Sutton Jersey , when choosing a carrying case. These cases also have internal padding and cushioning for added safety. They have many sections that accommodate important office documents. Another important type of carrying case is the wheeled roller case. Businessmen and professionals, who frequently travel from one place to another, generally use these cases. The advantage of using this kind of case is easy navigation. It is pulled on wheels through airports and railway stations.

Some trendy Broncos Bradley Chubb Jersey , fashion conscious users also use the backpack type of laptop case for the hands free experience. The laptop can be placed in the backpack and it is worn on the back, just like a college bag. It has added support for holding the laptop upright. It's a convenient way of carrying a laptop that is increasing in popularity.
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