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The infinite halo bots are about to become harder
After the launch of a Halo infinite Update this week that improved the situation of Big Team Battle of the game, the developer 343 Industries shared another publication in the forums that talked about what comes next. Part of the plans include a higher level of difficulty for the game bots that comply with the roles of real players after human fighters leave a party ahead of time. These bots will soon rise to the level of difficulty «ODST», which does not mean that you will win a game for you, but at least you should decrease the likelihood that a game is a total stomp if one or two of your teammates leave. early.

The Bot situation was addressed in this publication in the Halo Waypoint forums. With the way the system is currently working, the players who leave the matches are filled with a bot that is configured at the level of "marine" difficulty. Players have lamented in the past that having too many, or sometimes only one, bots on a team can change the course of the battle in a negative way and, sometimes, they have asked them to eliminate the bots or at least become more difficult. The latter will happen next week, said 343 Industries.

"Next week, Bot's replacement difficulty will increase Marine to Odst," said John Junyszek, senior community manager of 343 Industries, in the Publication of the Forum. "This means that when a player leaves and is replaced by a bot, that bot now will be at the Odst skill level. We hope that these ODST bots can help your team when they stand up in their parties ».

On the topic of the Big Team Battle update launched previously, Junyszek also said that the mode has seen improvements so far after the release of the update. In addition to these improvements, two changes are also included in the update for themselves, which are seen below:

Changes in large equipment battles

When searching with a group, all the members of your lobby will be scored appropriately as members of your Fireteam in the match. We know that it is not ideal to finish in a different squad lineup, but for now, even if a player in your group does not appear in the alignment of your introductory camera, it will continue to appear as part of your team during the duration of the match.

The tank surpasses everything. We have updated the deliveries of Pelican vehicles to launch tanks (M808 Scorpions & Wraiths) before and more frequently in the matches.

Halo infinity The Update of the BOT should be launched at some point next week.
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