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Bloodstone - Tibia 2 celebrates birthday, gives out gifts and connects servers
You play below.

It's not whatever. The creators of Bloodstone likewise introduced huge connecting servers arranged for January 25.

Globes Ruby, Platinum as well as Gold will be incorporated what to aid you recover the population and also give gamers with even far better perceptions.

Every person talk about Tibia, but do not forget... Regarding Tibia 2 (Also Known As Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse), that commemorated his second birthday celebration day before yesterday.


On this celebration, each player will obtain a piece of birthday cake, which everyday - until January 24 - will give us with a bonus offer to experience points, training/ skilllap or drop.
We Also Announce The Merge of Ruby, Platinum and also Gold Web Servers on January 25th. Ruby Houses Will Certainly Remain with Thir Owners, While Platinum and also Gold Houses Will Have Thir Value Returned to Thir Respective Owners.

Why is Bloodstone called Tibia 2? Like you can find some points to reference the work of CipSoft, yet Bloodstone looks entirely different.
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