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A multitude of kingdoms in the same universe for a united community in Nightingale
Mid-December last, the teams of the Canadian Studio Infleased Games took advantage of the Game Awards to officially unveil Nightingale : An intriguing project resting on shared worlds, in a fantasy world in the Victorian era. The game universe rests on a multitude of kingdoms connected to each other by portals, which nevertheless encounter a malfunction and therefore lose the players in a world labyrinth. It will be necessary to explore them despite their dangers, venture more and further in these sometimes nightmare kingdoms (they are populated by fantastic creatures), to hope to find the path of Nightingale, the last safe city of humanity.

The game is based on a survival gameplay: In every world, it will be necessary to harvest resources, make tools and organize alone or collectively to hope to escape the delighted wildlife of the various kingdoms... Nightingale also stands out Traditional survival games by its shape. This is explained by Aaryn Flynn in an interview with Gamereactor.
The idea that underlies our shared world is based on the fact that many survival games often end up structured around isolated servers, sheltering isolated playback experiments, which ultimately leads to isolate the communities of players. others. We invest a lot in our infrastructure to allow our players to build a real united community. We want all players to feel members of the same community, connected to each other. You can play alone and you are not forced to play with others, it's your choice, but if you want to play with other players, if you want to evolve with your loved ones, if you want to have a gaming experience Shared, then you will have this opportunity to stay connected with them and you can always make sure that they join your kingdom and participate, and you can visit other kingdoms. We all have the feeling of being connected to each other, to be part of the same united community and to continue the same objective to find Nightingale, this lost and magical city of which we have been cut, and of All participate in the gameplay in these shared kingdoms.

At this point, the Nightingale Development Team provides little detail on the operation of portals between worlds and how players can use them - the studio obviously hears its effects. However, according to Aaryn Flynn, a mantra animates the development team: One million kingdoms, a single universe to emphasize that the world of play could enrich very regularly new worlds to visit, but still in a Coherent whole and especially by ensuring that the players who wish to have the opportunity to meet one way or another, in a common kingdom. According to Aaryn Flynn, the development team intends to ensure that players always have the impression of being part of a single united community.



First trailer of Nightingale
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