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We’ll be lucky to see his combination of dedication, humility
This is DJ Moore Color Rush Jersey , to the best of our knowledge, the first breaking news involving Byrd that didn’t being with his breaking something."After (most of) four seasons with the Carolina Panthers, free agent wide receiver Damiere Byrd has signed a one year deal with the Arizona Cardinals.This is in no way a surprising or needle moving event with regards to the Panthers. While often the source of highlight plays and post game quotes when he was actually on the field, he was never able to make a consistent impact. Ultimately, Byrd’s role as a speedy, versatile, and often injured wide receiver has been usurped over the past two years by the younger James Color Rush Bradberry Jersey , faster, more versatile, and more often injured Curtis Samuel.Panthers fans will never forget head coach Ron Rivera arguing with the refs, successfully, that Byrd was in bounds on a game winning touchdown due to his having a “narrow ass.” That butt drag swag, as Cam called it, was one of the highlight moments of an otherwise forgettable 2017 season.Of interest Ian Thomas Jersey , Byrd is one of the few edge-of-the-roster free agents from Rivera’s tenure to gain traction with another team not currently helmed by a former assistant. Stay tuned as we investigate the legality of teams exploring new talent and instead of recycling old names. In the meantime, look for the Panthers to consider signing Brenton Bersin to round out their wide receiver room for the summer. We say good bye to one of our best"Julius Peppers is retiring from football after 17 years in the NFL. He doesn’t really need an introduction here. Between his years at UNC and his two stints with the Panthers, Peppers has been a sports legend in the Carolinas for longer than a lot of Panthers fans have been alive.He’s a modest man in spite of his unparalleled talent. His career was the length of two for a lot of people, but it was closer to five for the average NFL player. That length is unimaginable for his position. There are a small handful of active players who are on pace to pass Peppers’ place (fourth) on the all-time sacks list. They are headlined by the likes of Von Miller, JJ Watt, and Cameron Wake. Everyone of them is a star, but it would be foolish to bet on any of them having a 17-year career. We Curtis Samuel Color Rush Jersey , as Panthers fans, have been lucky enough to watch the career of one of the absolute best to ever play this game. He played it among peers that, on their good days, could look almost as talented. We’ll be lucky to see his combination of dedication, humility, and superiority again. Peppers is family to the Carolinas. He grew up here and he played here. He didn’t just entertain us, he took care of us. His hurricane relief fund is one of the most public and straightforward initiatives started by a Panther to help this region in its time of need. He didn’t need to rehabilitate his image Daeshon Hall Jersey , he just did what you do for family.Both the Players Tribune article, penned by Peppers, linked above and the piece here have video tributes to and from him. I dare you to watch them without a tissue at hand.The Carolina Panthers have been gifted with a number of leaders in their short history who have left indelible marks on the franchise and the region. The fire of Sam Mills and the resilience of Thomas Davis spring immediately to mind. Peppers may have been quieter in his approach to the game, at least publicly, but his mark will be no less important. The Panthers are a lesser team without him, but they will always be greater for having been a part of his career.

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