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So, you’ve chosen the fascinating but slippery road of homeschooling. I feel for you because I am on the same route as you. 
Only we know about the nerves we’ve wasted and the tears we shed when explaining complicated concepts to our kids. But it looks like there is another side of the coin. I’ve found an amazing blog that helped me take a look at the home-held educational process from a different angle.
Tiffany, the author of this blog, is an extremely enthusiastic and positive mom. You can feel it through the screen if you read at least one article. I started my journey at her website with an article that revealed how to make your kid smarter. Since that time I have been her biggest fan.
Tiffany shares tips on homeschooling like the apps to use, what engaging activities to perform, what podcasts to offer to kids, and more. Besides, she talks about parenting in general, ideas for fun celebrations and family time, time management of a busy mom, and more. You will learn how to stay in sound mind and body when taking care of homeschooling kids, how to arrange a family budget, and more. I won’t say another word, just go and see it by yourself. You’ll love it, I promise.
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