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Just rewatched it and it is right at the beginning
Politics are Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells inherently discussions on the policies we use to structure our society. Its not just"two sides struggling for power"

Defining what human rights are and how we protect them is the single most significant aspect of politics

I don't have the full context here but it's not about abusing a specific space, it's all about reaching people. Games comprised BLM messages from the months following George Floyd. In a world full of things bigger than games, games are certain to be impacted. At least Joe is supporting a game about community and being neighborly. God help us when our candidates are inserted to FN.

Just rewatched it and it is right at the beginning, don't understand how I overlooked that! But yes it's great!! I'll definitely have to use that in my graveyard and maybe several other spots too. I am so excited for all the decorations! My island is going to be filled with pumpkins, I can not wait.

Did Lucky seriously dress up as a fanatic mummy? lol. And the one horse is dressed like a cat. A couple of others dressed as devils,in his place, I would dress up as something completely unrelated to mummies and feign ignorance such as"what? I don't understand what the problem is. You wear a costume, so here I am!"

I think what you're saying are ripped clothes are the"moldy dress" and"moldy pants". I have them already, iirc from Gullivarr? I'm fairly sure the moldy dress stems from the recycle bin.Ah, I think you're thinking of the Torn Trousers. All I could find was that the moldy dress, however. Am I overlooking it? Haha

If they expand on farming and add in cooking too, that are the ideal time to add Brewster. My dream is for him to run the cafe while I get to cook/serve food to the villagers based on their tastes. Kind of buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket like the way we had to take their coffee orders but instead Brewster does that and we do food.

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