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Amazing Design Ideas of Electronic Product Packaging Boxes
Although brand awareness and product quality determine sales when selling electronics, electronic packaging is one of the key elements that draws users' attention to your brand. Only high-quality products with high-end packaging boxes, in order to make products get more user attention. Here's a look at some of the most creative electronics boxes to inspire your ideas.

X-Doria electronics box
X-Doria is an international electronic accessories brand, and as you can see from this box, the brand has begun to radically change its vision at the time of design. Packaging design also ensures that electronics boxes attract the attention of potential users without alienating the market. Logo has also added a embossing process to ensure that it stands out as much as possible.

Sony electronics box
Sony products have changed the way people experience the world, says Sony's CEO in a letter to shareholders. This electronic product lid and bottom box is inspired by this sentence, pure black packaging background color represents the brand's high-end, mysterious image. Through the brand name of the outer packaging hollow can see the interior box printed out of the scenery. This also coincides with its design philosophy.

Nooka Electronics Box
Nooka is a very environmentally conscious brand, and Nooka applies this brand concept to its packaging when designing electronics boxes. A very durable primary-color krah paper material is used in the material, while the packaging is not only 100% biodegradable and recyclable, but also uses less material. From the packaging point of view, the Nooka brand can be truly environmentally friendly and harmless.

DURACELL Battery Box
The box was designed by a group of design college students. On the other hand, the box design is very simple, but Logo and the key information is very prominent. The illustrations in the battery box are also dominated by interesting sketches, and the overall image completely upends the user's view of the battery box.

Show off electronics in eye-catching packaging to give customers better attention and remember your brand. Through the above electronic product packaging design hope to help to find some inspiration in the design.

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