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How do I delete the sites that I visited
Web browser
Web browsers are used to access websites on the Internet (English: Internet). Where the user receives the web pages on the website through the web server (in English: Web server) of this website, after he has typed the address of this website in the web browser for the purpose of visiting him. Most web browsers save the addresses of the websites that the user visited, so some resort to deleting this record in order to preserve their privacy.

Internet Explorer browser
To delete specific websites that have been visited using Internet Explorer (in English: Internet Explorer), follow the following steps: On the browser, press the Favorites button (in English: Favorites), which is denoted by an asterisk.

Choosing the browsing history tab (English: History), and then choosing how to display the site history through the dedicated menu. Click with the right mouse button on the site you want to delete from the site history, and then choose "Delete".

Version 8
In the eighth version of the Internet Explorer browser, the deletion process is as follows: On the browser, one accesses the Security Settings menu (in English: Safety), and then presses the Delete Browsing History button. The type of data to be deleted is chosen, and then the deletion is confirmed by pressing the "Delete" button.

Version 9
The sites visited in version 9 of Internet Explorer are deleted as follows: Clicking the "Tools" button, represented by the cog icon. Choose "Internet options". Under "Browsing history", choose "Delete".

Versions 10 and 11
The sites visited in the tenth and eleventh versions of Internet Explorer are deleted as follows: Click on the Tools button represented by the cog icon. Place the mouse on the word "Safety" and then choose the option to delete browsing history. Choose the type of data to be deleted, and then confirm the deletion by pressing the "Delete" button.

Microsoft Edge browser
To clear your browsing history in Microsoft Edge, the following steps are taken: Click on the "Hub" button, represented by the three horizontal dashes icon. Choose "History", represented by the hour hand icon. Select "Clear all history", and then choose the type of data to be deleted, followed by confirming the operation by clicking on "Clear".

Firefox browser
The browsing history of Mozilla Firefox (in English: Mozilla Firefox) for computers is cleared according to the following steps: In Firefox, the main menu is accessed by pressing the button represented by three horizontal dashes. Click on "History".

Click on the Clear recent history option, and a new window will open. The desired length of time to delete your browsing history is chosen from then on. Click on the arrow next to the word "Details" and then choose the data to be deleted. Click on the Clear Now button to complete the process of clearing your browsing history.

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