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world Wide Web
Knowledge revolution

The events of the past fifty years have alternated in an amazing way in the field of computers and its applications, where the computer appeared in the beginning and then strengthened its capabilities. Together to form a network in which devices can exchange files

Reports, application programs, data, information, and communication means helped to increase the size of the small network between a group of devices, so that the connection between several networks became a tangible reality in a wide network called (the Internet)

world Wide Web
It is a network that connects millions of computers in the world with different operating systems and allows the exchange of hybrid texts between them, and in terms of its magnitude and importance, the Internet is at the top of the information networks that link personal computers and huge complex devices

Therefore, it should be noted that Internet browsers connect users to the Internet and facilitate access to data that exist on other computers in remote places. .

The importance of the Internet in education
"The Internet is entering the classroom and the classroom, the convergence of learning new knowledge with learning to read and write via the Internet, acquiring new knowledge permitted by Internet technologies, those interested in global knowledge economies will be asked to be prepared to use Internet technologies, exchange messages and problems, and evaluate them," says Liu Kinds. Information between stakeholders).

Internet network features
There are many advantages of the Internet, including the services it contains for users, which we will discuss in this regard later, and among these features: flexibility in time and place. The ability to reach a larger number of audiences and followers in different parts of the world.

Not considering the necessity of matching computers and operating systems used by viewers with the devices used in transmission. Speed of software development compared to video and CD systems. Ease of developing online curriculum content is changing traditional teaching systems and methods. Helps to create a vibrant classroom (online classes).

Giving education a global character and leaving the local context, the speed of education and the time allocated for obtaining information will be faster. Obtaining the opinions of researchers and thinkers specialized in various fields on any scientific issue. The teacher's job in the classroom is as a mentor. Help students form global relationships if you will. Find a classroom without a wall.

Applications contained in the Internet
Communication and communication to exchange knowledge: This application includes many different areas, the most important of which are: E-mail, the newsgroup system. Conversation programs. Exchanging experiences and information through scientific forums. Educational sites that provide direct questions and inquiries in various fields.

Multimedia and Internet Education
The modern educational literature is rich in many definitions of the concept of multimedia computer programs. The following definitions include these programs, their elements, and their capabilities.

Definition of multimedia
It is known as an educational system consisting of a group of elements that complement each other and interact functionally in an educational program to achieve its goals. The media are organized in a sequential order that allows each student to actively and positively walk in the program according to his own capabilities and to choose what suits him from educational materials that can be used in A distant time and a specific place.

A set of communication media and stimuli that make up the computerized program interface, and it contains text, image, audio and video elements that are used for distance learning, and this program is characterized by several characteristics that make it commensurate with the nature of the learner, and appear during its operation, and these characteristics are often derived from a set of foundations associated with learning theories And education.

translated from:
ما هي ملفات الكوكيز
تصميم وبرمجة المواقع
تصميم موقع مدرسة

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