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In his career, Burnett has 15 catches for 210 yards. The only Eagles receivers with more catches than him in their careers are Ward (81), Fulgham (38) and Reagor (31). Arcega-Whiteside has 14.


Hurts is looking to be in line to be the team’s starter come Week 1 this upcoming fall. The addition of Flacco certainly makes sense for multiple reasons. He’s got plenty of experience and can be asked to step in if something happens to Hurts.NFL Los Angeles Rams Team Face Coverings

"My job is to win the game," Goff said afterward, in what would become his final news conference as a Ram. "Thought I was able to do some good things out there today, but no, my job is to win the game; there's absolutely no moral victories, especially in the playoffs."NFL Miami Dolphins Team Face Coverings

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It’s easy to fall into hyperbole and theatricality in moments like this. Jones isn’t going to say that he’s coming back for the $48 million paycheck the Packers are giving him but he didn’t have to go as far as he did.NFL New York Giants Team Face Coverings

If there was a surprise team lurking in the top 10 when it comes to the quarterback conversation in this year's draft, it may have been the Broncos, who probably aren't convinced by the early returns on Drew Lock. Currently sitting at No. 9, the Broncos could have made a draft-day deal to move up ahead of the Panthers at No. 8 if a top quarterback prospect made it that far down the board. That's highly unlikely now, which means the Broncos will either have to pay a much higher price to move up for that kind of passer, or roll with Lock for at least another season. This offense is loaded with talent at the skill positions, but consistency at quarterback is what they need most. Lock hasn't given it to them yet, and it doesn't look like they'll have a chance to upgrade over him in the draft.
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The Chicago Bears will face the AFC North and NFC West next season, which includes home games against the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers, as well as away games against the Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams.

By coming back on a four-year deal, Jones’ contract length will align with the latter years of Aaron Rodgers’ career. While the Packers shamelessly overdrafted Rodgers’ potential successor in Jordan Love last spring, he is not going to get Green Bay back to the Super Bowl. What will do that is Rodgers rifling the pigskin downfield to Davante Adams or handing it off to Jones over and over.NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Face Coverings

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