Adrian Hayter

My Projects

Some of my projects (both academic and personal) are listed below.

  • Cardiac Arrest
    A Python 2.7 script that checks servers for the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160) with minimal false negative results. This script was written as a result of finding numerous bugs in popular Heartbleed detection tools. This work was featured in an article on The Register.
  • CSRF Scanner Extension for Burp Suite Pro
    An extension for Burp Suite Pro that performs passive checks for Cross-site Request Forgery vulnerabilities in web applications. This extension was chosen for inclusion in the Burp Suite Pro BApp Store.
  • Information Security MSc Project
    Fuzz Testing Web Applications. This project received a distinction and an award from Search Security for being of "outstanding quality".
  • FluPhone Project
    Work with the University of Cambridge Computer Science department. "Understanding Spread of Infectious Disease and Behavioural Responses". My work for this project is detailed in the Technical & User Manual for the Android application.
  • Computer Science BSc Dissertation
    Using mobile devices for secure and privacy-protecting interactions. This dissertation received first-class honours.