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For that to happen on the White Sox end, Giolito and Grandal need to forge a bond of their own.

As usual, never build your dynasty team around closers, the most volatile of any of the positions in fantasy. Consider that from 2015-19, only four relief pitchers managed at least 30 saves in any three consecutive seasons (Cody Allen, Greg Holland, Kenley Jansen and Craig Kimbrel). Even as recently as 2018, three of the six closers who saved 35-plus were Wade Davis, Blake Treinen and Felipe Vazquez. Turnover is quick among closers, and in a fantasy format that rewards long-term building, investing in two-year (or possibly just one-year) performers is a bad idea. I had only six true "finishers" in my top 200, and a common thread among most of them is an elite, 30%-plus strikeout rate (Josh Hader, Edwin Diaz, James Karinchak, Nick Anderson).Pittsburgh Pirates
Mlb Logo Face Masks

Projections for the 2021 season will, essentially, look the same as always. What can't be seen is the wider range of plausible outcomes as a result of all the variance discussed above. In short, picks will be all over the place this season. Everyone will end up reflecting last season's numbers differently on their personal cheatsheets. Strict adherence to an ADP list is always shunned, but this season, the repercussions are even more damning. If you feel a player is worth the draft spot, don't play chicken with the room. Get your guy!

"The club's video presentation is a highly disturbing yet critically important window into how players are genuinely viewed by management," the statement reads. "Not just because of what was said, but also because it represents an unfiltered look into club thinking.Washington Nationals

All projections this year carry with them a higher level of uncertainty than usual, as we can't really know exactly what to make of 2020. With the Cubs, we have to note that their offense last season was dragged down by way-out-of-character showings from a number of their core players, including Rizzo, Baez, Kyle Schwarber (now gone) and Bryant.Atlanta Braves

10. James Paxton, Seattle Mariners Everything written about Archer applies to Paxton -- an experienced starting pitcher returning to his old team on a one-year deal.

"The last step, according to (the trainers), is controlled diving, so psychologically he gets used to that so the first time he dives it isn’t in a game. And we should see him in Cactus League play come early March."Tampa Bay Rays