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The bad-rule-applied-correctly on Sunday created a screwy outcome for one reason and one reason only: Nobody bothered to pick up the ball that ended up on the ground loose after what turned out to be a catch and a fumble by Bears receiver Anthony Miller.Most if not all players are coached to do otherwise. Patriots coach Bill Belichick again coached his players to do it on Monday Eddie Goldman Color Rush Jersey , consistent with the practice characterized by former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison at halftime of Sunday’s game.“We hit it again today,” Belichick told reporters on Monday. “As Rodney said, we’ve been through it a thousand times but we went through some of those things again today just to make sure everybody understands what we want to do and how important it is to do the right thing in situations like that or other game-type situations. Again, there are so many close plays in all these games — fumble, no fumble, score, no score, catch, no catch Marcus Cooper Jersey , did it cross the goal line, did it not cross the goal line. It seemed like there were a dozen of those kind of plays just in this weekend so every inch, every little thing is so important. We’ve emphasized it before and we’ll continue to do that.”And that’s one of the reasons why Belichick and the Patriots have five Super Bowl wins, and why they’ve been getting ready for a game in the round of eight every January for the last nine. Matt Patricia learned one thing from Bill Belichick: How to talk up an opponent.Patricia, the Lions head coach and former Belichick assistant, is preparing to play the Bears and their struggling quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, on Sunday. And Patricia wouldn’t bite when asked about Trubisky’s struggles, instead gushing about what a fine quarterback he is.“This guy , he’s a good player,” Patricia said, via the . “He’s athletic, he’s strong, he can get out of trouble, he can extend plays, he can scramble, he can run, he can throw. He’s got deep balls Bryce Callahan Color Rush Jersey , he’s got great skill guys, so that’s the major issue that we have to deal with. He’s a great player, and we got to start there.”Patricia has only coached against Trubisky once, and in that game Trubisky had perhaps the best performance of his career, completing 23 of 30 passes for 355 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and also running for a touchdown. Maybe Patricia doesn’t realize that Trubisky hasn’t played like that very often.