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Full Version: NBA 2K21: With these tips you rock the basketball court
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With NBA 2K21, the development studio Visual Concepts has just released the 20th part of its popular basketball simulation. In order for you to get started in the anniversary game optimally, we will tell you what you need to know about career, game modes and the built-in, virtual currency and NBA 2K21 MyTeam coins.
NBA 2K21, like its predecessors, has all nba licenses: so the game includes all arenas, teams and jerseys of the National Basketball Association. World stars such as LeBron James are also involved. But in order to convince on the pitch both offensively and defensively, you should not only think of a good strategy, but also grab offered bonuses.

What awaits you at NBA 2K21 in career mode
At the center of the game is the career mode for single players: After you have created your character, however, you do not end up in the NBA right away. Instead, you start your sporting career in China. In the Middle Kingdom, every beginning is difficult: With around 60 points, your player is considered relatively "talent-free" at the beginning of your career. So to make it to the NBA, you have to increase his rating. For this you should train diligently and complete games. If you want to earn more points, you can increase the difficulty level. However, this option is more suitable for experienced NBA 2K MT players and not necessarily for bloody beginners.

Why you should take advantage of the interactive tutorial
At the beginning, you should definitely visit the 2K MT University: This is an interactive tutorial in which you learn to throw more accurately and to fit the ball precisely to your teammates. Leave yourself enough time, because especially at the beginning there are more often false passes and ball losses. Steals and blocks also require the right timing.

Your skills ultimately have an effect on the course of the game: The artificial intelligence of your opponent is based on your game behavior. The higher your error rate, the easier the opposing team sweeps you off the field. In order to sink the ball in the basket as quickly as possible, your teammates are at your side: they block your opponents.

Think of a strategy
At the beginning, you should think about what your career should look like: As a newcomer, do you want to be on the pitch more often and gain playing experience? Then maybe you should look for a "worse" team. Would you rather be a member of a top club? Then you may have to be content with coming from the second row at first.
By the way: Your behaviour towards the media and fans also has an impact on your success – and can either promote or hinder your career.

That's what's behind the new "Takeover" bar
New is the so-called "Takeover" bar, which is filled up for every basketball player during a match. If the bar is full, press R3 and improve the skills of your athlete for a short time. For example, your defense experts can then protect your basket even better.
In total, there are seven skills from the defensive, passes and rebounds. Especially useful: Top players like LeBron James have several attributes at once.

This brings with it the improved control
For NBA 2K21, the developers have worked on the controls: The display on basket layers supports you in attack and ensures that you find the right time to let go of the ball. In addition, the defensive is strengthened and makes steals easier for you.

These different game modes provide variety
If you need a break from classic basketball: Visual Concepts has reworked the game mode "My Neighboorhood" and now entertains you with mini-games such as trampoline basketball and dodgeball. And there's a park where you can compete with other online players.
There are also the modes "MyLeague" and "MyGM": Here you get the chance to become a manager - if you are fed up with playing on the field.